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Well, a lot has been happening here in the hacienda.  I have been working hard on putting together a website for Wylder’s book and my future shop to give concept for more children’s books to come.  It has been both a lot of work and a lot of fun.  I have reached out to some organizations, blogs and shops about Wylder’s book … but was feeling like I need a place to send them too,  that they could see what I am all about and my furture plans..  So I am excited to share with all of you (please click on the image below);

You can get your copy of WARRIOR BABY here anytime and please tell your friends.  I think this will be so wonderful for the upcoming holidays too.  It is a great place to stay up to date with book signings, who’s now an approved Wylder Nation Vendor ect.  You can also follow us on our brand new twitter account @wyldernation … look as us go!! Gotta love the power of Wylder.  Any suggestions you have on the site I am totally up for hearing!   There is also a link to the site on WylderJames.com

first ever book signing … tee hee. butterflies in my tummy already.

It is hard for me to believe Wylder’s book has only been available for about a month …  as we have sold about 300 copies already!!!  WEW HEW HEW.  Spreading the word Warrior Style.  Love.  I am so proud of this book and sharing Wylder’s story and messages … it feels so right!  I have also reached out too a number of organizations and I am hoping one will POP!  Al’s Book club on the today show, Oprah’s book club, Childrens’ retail store purchasers, mommy blogs and Parent Magazines.  If anyone has any other suggestions I am absolutely all ears.  This is so NOT my expertise and I am learning as I go here, so I am up for any and all suggestions.  I would  love to get this book in the hands of a children’s book publisher that could take it to the moon …. but I am not exactly sure how to do that yet??!!  If anyone has any secret suggestions/ideas for me spread the word… I am in!  I have also ordered a few bookmarks and business cards to help with the marketing. 

I am not having much luck with the hospital’s yet.  Getting to the right person seems tricky … and well as sales is just not my forte … I really love creating.  I know that this will come with time, and i have faith.  With the launch of the new site and being Niemann Pick Awareness month I thought it would be fun to do a promo/coupon for Warrior Baby Book.  If you purchase 3 books or more during the month of October … you will receive FREE SHIPPING.  Just enter coupon code; Warrior51509

thank you littlest for giving me strengh to share your lessons and story. we love you so much

Speaking of all this book talk and raising awarness we are also supporting Baby Trek’s dad 100% with his new paperback book coming out.  It looks like it is going to be amazing!  They are doing what is called a KICKSTART to get funding for thier book from supporters … BRILLIANT!  They met their initial goal in less than 30 hours.  WEW.  So Wylder Nation Warrior’s let’s help our Niemann Pick family out with this too and stick together.    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1257015288/following-after-trek

I am still working on the wesbite’s header as the tech gremlins are giving me heck … but it really is looking pretty good.   I absolutely could not do this without all of you.  Thank you for your continued support.  #WylderNation xoxo




  1. wow!!! shannon !!! you are on a role! you are so talented with all of this stuff-you have great ideas and follow thru. I know one will “pop”. I will send you an interview if you will be willing to for me to put on Trek’s website so I can share all the fun stuff you are up too! let me know what you think? love you

  2. Brandie Briese says:


    I am going to email maya directly. I think that with her following if she would just post Warrior Baby on her blog you could get thousands of books sold. How about donating$1.00 towards theronanthompsonfoundation?? That way it helps everyone get the word out. I don’t know… Just brainstorming. Let me know your thoughts?

    Love you,


  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Shannon – you are Superwoman on a mission! I love your enthusiasm and the love and support of the NPD community. Yesterday, Jill had something on her site about Chelsea and Jarrett’s KickStarter project and now you. So I will repeat myself by saying again how amazed I am at the unselfish support you all give to one another. I am so honored to be a part of the effort to put NPD out there and to help the world give it a huge kick in the pants!

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