miss maddie

beach dog!

An update on sweet Maddie dog.  So far Maddie has been feeling pretty good and doing okay without her sweetest baby by her side daily.   I know some of you will think I have officially lost it  … but I think she is doing so well, because dogs have a sixth sense that we do not have.  I definitely think she still feels Wylder’s spirit everyday.  That being said she HAS gotten a bit fat and sassy these days (if you know what I mean) … and even though I did not want to draw attention to her, I officially took her to the vet to make sure everything was a-okay.  A couple LB’s I get … but this is getting a ting out of control.  The vet said that there was absolutely nothing to be concerned with and she is a healthy girl for 11 years of age!!  YEAH … and few! 

maddie lays just below wylder’s board

Speaking of her 11 year old age … I have been looking into getting maddie certified as a therapy dog for kids.  I thought it would be super nice for both of us and a great way to give back to the hospitals in our community.  I was thinking of tackling this project and fun-ness around the 1st of the year … but after making a few calls am learning 11 is pretty unusual for a therapy pet. hmmm.  I am wondering if any of you have found this, or have experience with this?   I am learning most of the dogs in the hospitals are between the ages of 1 and 3.  But I remember one dog in particular (another golden retriever) at Phoenix Childrens that Wylder loved named Sophia.  He would light up when she would come by for a visit.  I think she was around 7-ish.  Maddie’s disposition has gotten sweeter and sweeter with age and I think she would love seeing the kiddos and I also thing she is a very spry 11 (tee hee).  She certainly still thinks she is a pup.  She’s go the wires, tubes and noises of hospitals down pat, after taking such good care of Wylder and is a great snuggle bug.   

she really does think she is a lap dog

I often think of what maddie has been though too as a member of this family for 11 years and boy oh boy do I feel the love.  Steven and I got her when we were  only 20 and she would even buzz around too classes with us from time to time.  Then the move to AZ and lots of “yappy” hour after work dog park visits.  To marrage, no more condo style living and a house always under remodel … and then of course the most darling baby.  The worry, the stress, the companion, and the love.  Gotta love our four leg-ed friends, they are with us through thick and thin. xoxo

christmas 2011 … what friends.


  1. OMG, that pic of Sweet Wylder and Maddie leaves me breathless yet again……look at that little mop-top Warrior…..love, love, love!!! Shannon, we have a few therapy dogs come to our facility to visit, and I’ve never heard of the “age” requirement….most places that certify them usually use behavior as the guiding criteria….the doggie goes through “training” and has to display certain appropriate behaviors during training and dry-runs with patients. We have younger dogs and older dogs and our patients and residents just love them!! I love the idea of Maddie be included in the “Wyder Lives On” efforts…..she’s full of love and life and Wylder too and what a wonderful way for her to share her canine gifts, too.

  2. Shannon i think that Maddie being included, like leslie said “Wylder lives on efforts” is a great idea and also just like she said i’ve also never heard of age requirements, we’ve seen a few different dogs where our daughter was hospitalized as well, Hope you find someplace that will allow her to be a therapy pet, I think it would be such an amazing thing for the patience to see what Maddie was put on this earth to do teach just like Wylder, and give her love and care for children. Sending positive and loving thoughts, Lots of love and hugs<3

  3. There are many times when I think that Dan’s presence has taken up residency in our cat. Animals have a unique sense of when they are needed to comfort others.

  4. this is so sweet, I am so glad you have her and she was ok from the vets. I agree with everyone if you want it to happen-wylder nation will find a way:) xoxo

  5. Cathy Johnson says:

    I agree, Shannon – I think our pets are far better at sensing the presence of our loved ones than we are. And I agree with Chelsea! Anything Wylder Nation wants to happen is gonna! :)

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