Wishing Tree Notes

As many of you know I have been trying to decide how to preserve and showcase all of the beautiful wishing tree notes you all sent Wylder over the past year.  For those of you that do know the history of the wishing tree …. here is what it is and how it came about.  On one of the final days of a hospital stay with Wylder … Steven and I had a sort of Ah Ha moment.  We had so many emails, notes and well wishes from many of you … and so many just wanted to know how and what you could do to help.  We also were seeing changes in Wylder’s strength and what he liked to “play” with and wanted to make sure we were creative in getting things for him to look at when he got home (rather than blank walls and ceilings).  We especially noticed he was looking up a lot and wanted to give him lovely things to look at.  That is when the ah-ha moment happened …. he should look at LOVE.  So we reached out to Wylder’ blog followers, friends and family and boy oh boy did you all deliver.  We decided to by a tree and hang notes, wishes, love letters … whatever you all wanted him to see and read, he surely did.  We strung the tree with lights and read many of the notes each night as we tucked our Warrior into bed.  It became the most beautiful display of love I have ever seen.  We were truly overwhelmed by the beautiful notes, the words, wishes that he received … so much so that we got a whole second tree to fill up with notes.  They were so beautiful and so meaningful to our family and they gave us so much HOPE everyday.  One of my favorite notes simply read “miracles happen everyday”. 

I have decided to make a smah book out of them. What is that you ask?  I did not know at first either.  It is a sort of scrapbook, but that just “smashes” in everything yuo love reather than the old complicated scrapbooks.  They really are becuatiful.  I took a fun class with a gal pal to learn about them  … and really just got overwhelmed and excited with all the nick nacks and ideas.  It was a beyond fun class that had us inspired and made me realize this is a PERFET way to house those beautiful notes forever.

  Enjoy this video below to see what a smash book is; 



fun girl time, crafting smash books

It IS time consuming but little by little it will be a great way to showcase the lovely notes you all sent forever.  It is also realaxing and enjoyable to do.  Wylder’s Wishes are coming along beautifully … “smash book” style;

 Here are the samples of completed books. 


 I cannot wait for this to be on our coffee table forever.   Thank you all for sending these to Wylder .. words can provide some much comfort and HOPE.  xoxo


  1. Cathy Johnson says:

    What a great idea, Shannon! I hope you will be able to share some pics of various pages when it is complete. And of course, we want to see a picture of it on your coffee table! :) Enjoy every minute of putting this beautiful memory together!

  2. Great idea! Such a wonderful way to compile all the wonderful wishes and heartfelt words filled with love.

  3. Nanci Glassman says:

    Awesome idea!!!

  4. I never learned to scrapbook, but I think this would be better for me anyway since I’m less creative. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

  5. wow, that is beyond beautiful, i want to come over and read it:) one day. it is the perfect way to save all of Wylder’s love wishes. xoxo

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