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As I mentioned to you all, it was so heartwarming to see Wylder’s book in the hands of so many HOPE KIDS battling terminal illnesses a few weekends back.  It really touched me and made me feel inspired once again.  So as I was off to dreamland one night thinking of my Wylder and all these wonderful children … I got an unexpected visitor.  It was Ollie the elf.  Wylder’s elf on the shelf Ollie came out early this year and had a GREAT idea that he shared with me (he told me the idea came straight from Santa himself).  Let’s get Wylder’s “Warrior Baby” books in the hands of sick kids this Christmas. YES, I said, Oh YES …but how?   Kids will help he whispered … as he sprinkled a bit of dust on me … and I went right back to dreamland. 

When I woke up I felt so happy and inspired … but I did not know excactly the way to go about this.  I knew it was possible, but how?  What did ollie mean by the kids will help.  I could do another blog and WN would certainly come together once again …. but they have already done SO much for our family.  So I did the unthinkable and called Santa himself!  That’s right …. I talked to Santa.  He explained to me that kids need to BELIEVE IN THE MAGIC OF GIVING.  So for the first time ever … Wylder Nation is teaming up with SANTA and kids in the community to get “Warrior Baby” books under the Christmas trees of sick kiddos accross the globe this year.  

The idea here is that children feel and learn the magic of giving to another this season.  As they make their Christmas wish lists this year, perhaps they could take off just one item on their lists … and GIVE a bit of hope to a Warrior Baby instead?!  The goal is to get every child currently persevering against Niemann Pick Disease (type A B and C) a book filled with love this holiday. And if we surpass our goal Santa himself has agreed to come to town!!!! That’s right … Santa himself will come to the Valley of the Sun and pass out Wylder’s book to HOPE KIDS battling life threatening illnesses.  This is going to be amazing!   Read all of the details and packages available for kids in your community to give at; http://shoptogive.wylderjames.com/?page_id=427  (this link can also be shared on your FB. Twitter. Instagram ect with the flier above)

each book will be stamped with who it has been donated by

I reached out to some of the kids in our family and was BLOWN away by their responses and anxiousness to help.  Kids are so giving and so kind.  Here is what is happening so far.  Cousin’s for Wylder is moving full speed ahead as Rock Canyon High School prepares for this Christmas Challenge.  Wylder’s cousins Bo Bo, Madi, Cailtyn and Tyler have flyer’s in hand, books for show and tell and posters galore as they sprinkle the Magic of Giving through Redstone Elementary and American Academy.  Here in the Valley I am heading to elementary school with neighbor Ava today (Friday) to be part of their book fair …. and next week will partner with a teacher friend of mine to BELIEVE IN THE MAGIC OF GIVING at her school.  And this is just the beginning.  So far kids from over 7 schools are on board to spread the cheer this year.  WOW!  Anyone can help and be involved that wants too.   

 In order to get the “Warrior Baby” books to  families in time for the holiday, this challenge will end on November 16th.  I feel very excited and blessed to see the kids jumping on board to be a part of something BIGGER!  Even if we only get penny’s …we are spreading cheer and teaching kids the power of giving back and sahring Wylder’s books with those who need it most.  If you know or have kids that want to be involved they can donate with an adult here; http://shoptogive.wylderjames.com/?page_id=427 or please email me and i can get you fliers ect to share with your preschools, classrooms, day cares, schools, churches etc.  Come together as a group or individually and believe in the magic of giving! 

 Teach kids to give this Christmas … Warrior style.  With our Wylder guiding us along the way.   Let’s spread holiday cheer by sending Wylder books far and near.  HO HO HO. xoxo

wylder christmas 2009


  1. oh my goodness!! i love this christmas challenge idea!!! so much fun, I will spread the news:) I had the biggest smile on my face seeing Ollie in all of the package pictures. that was too cute, especially the one of him hanging upside down on the big package-hehe. you have such great ideas, I know Warrior baby will be in hospitals all over the world very soon. xoxo ,Chelsea

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