Fight for Life

Ollie was literally flipping out over the amount of books that have been donated to children currently persevering against Niemann Pick Disease (type A, B and C).  Just 4 days in the “Believe in the Magic of Giving” Challenge … already nearly 40 books have been donated!! WOW.  There are currently 55 kids with Niemann Pick Disease … we are almost there~  Maybe even Santa Claus really is going to come to town …

“Cousins for Wylder” is preparing to take RCH by storm tomorrow!  They are so proud of their cousin Wylder and we are so proud of them.

cousins for wylder with steven at wylder nation 2011

Please continue to share this link with your friends and kids in your community that want to participate.

As part of our healing process Steven and I have really come to enjoy being a part of THINGS bigger than us.  Not just events, people, etc related to NPD … but so much more.  It really feels good to give back in so many ways and continue to share, share, share our Wylder’s story and build on relationships in our community.  One of the most important things we learned on our journey with Wylder is the goodness in people and we want to be sure we are paying that forward in whatever (even if it is small) way possible.  So this weekend we joined friends and went to the Children’s flight for life event.  It was a casino night at a resort in Scottsdale where ALL the proceeds went to The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  What night!  So many amazing stories of hope and kids that never let diseases get them down.  Everyone left that event with so much love in their hearts.

steven and boomer

Me and Stacy :)

boomer, jack’s momma laurie, cousin brett

As many of you know our Wylder had over 27 blood transfusions in his life.  They gave him so much strength and energy and made him feel so much better … so so so many of his transfusions where right in that clinic.  It was wonderful to see nurses and doctors we had not caught up with and squeezed in a while.   Saturday evening raised nearly $100,000 for the oncology and hemoc clinic at PCH, people are amazing and those children deserve every penny (and then some).

Wylder getting one of many blood trans at the PCH Hemoc Clinic

We were not just at the event because of our Warrior … we were definitely there for one of WYlder’s Warrior friends and his family too (amazing amazing people).  Meet JACK!  Jack and his family are good friends of ours and they have just the type of story we all want to hear that make your heart swell three sizes.  Jack beat the odds :).  These are just the types of stories you want to hear over and over again … that are filled with love, hope and kicking cancers you know what!

I came across this quote yesterday and it just made me think so much of Wylder.  We continue to be so proud in so many ways, and thank you for teaching us the important things in this life and giving us perspective.  We miss you and carry you in our hearts love.

PS.  Don’t forget to Vote today … your voice matters.  xoxox



  1. Great news! It’s amazing how these special little kiddos can truly change your outlook and empower you to make a difference in so many ways! Keep up the great work you two!!

  2. how fun and special to be a part of such a wonderful event. Shannon you looked beautiful in your black dress-hot mama! Yeah only 15 books left-go Wylder go! love you guys. xoxo

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    What a great event! You can see the love in the room. Shannon, you looked gorgeous! So excited about the Christmas Challenge – c’mon Wylder Nation – those babies are counting on us!

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