Oh the Places You’ll Go

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!
You have brain in your head.
you have feet in your shoes
you can steer yourself
any direction you choose. 
you’re on your own.  And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who will decide where to go.   

I receive this Dr. Seuss poem/book from a coach when I graduated high school and I just came across the book again today.  The poem had so much more truth and meaning to it today when I read through it, and it really made me smile.  That Dr. Suesss is one smart cookie, and could always find the words, couldn’t he?  You can read the entire book here;   http://homepages.ius.edu/HARRISLA/places.htm

Although everyday we wish our journey did not have to take us where it did, we continue to find ourselves grateful for the places we are going and have been … all guided by our Wylder.  The people we continue to meet along the way are all so incredible.  What has given them strength and ability to be who and where they are today, well absolutely every story after story after story takes my breath away.   There so so many people that have made their DREAMS reality because they have been guided by something bigger than them.  To think of Steven and I before our Wylder James I sometimes feel ashamed and that I could have continued through my whole life without TRUE perspective and purpose.  That being said I do not think you have to indulge such great loss to have perspective, but we all must be reminded to follow our hearts and do for the greater good of others.  It is very easy to stay in bed and great loss makes you feel like you are carring a ton of brinks on you each day.  But Wylder keeps telling us and introducing us to so many wonderful things and people, that we are moving forward with such love and purpose in our hearts.   

Last Friday as I spent the day at Ava’s (my 7 year old neighbors) school sharing Wylder and his book with so many new faces, I met a lady by the name of Sarah.  She is another wonderful example of a person that is really making a difference in this World, not just dreaming about it.  What an inspiration.  Here mother and friends started an organization called PANDA  (people acting now discover answers).  After the loss of a 19 year old child who battled a rare disease they all (parents, aunties, friends (incl Sarah))  found themselves inspired to help others and persevere … and that is just what they continue to do. 

PANDA was founded in 1999, the Phoenix Women’s Board of the Steele Children’s Research Center, affectionately known as PANDA, supports discovery processes to improve treatments and cures for devastating childhood diseases. The strong and unique partnership between the PANDA members and the researchers and physicians at the Steele Center has made it possible for us to embody our name, People Acting Now Discovering Answers.  http://www.azpanda.org .  This group of women now raise nearly half a million dollars a year for Childhood research … WOW!!  They hold an annual “children helping children” fashion show http://www.steelecenter.arizona.edu/events/annual_events/panda_event.asp  and have made their dreams a reality and are HELPING others.  They took great loss and turned into something magical.


 I met with Sarah again this morning to get to know her a bit better and just feel like Wylder lead me right to a new friend.  I am not sure exactly how our path will  continue to intertwined … but I certainly know they will.  In January I will be meeting the women behind PANDA and speaking to their organization, what an honor.  As you all know Steven and I are moving forward in our lives with a twinkle in our eyes and smiles on our faces … but with great and strong purpose in our hearts.  Meeting people like TGEN and PANDA continue to remind us we are moving in the right direction and that many things are possible. 

Signing off with a note to Wylder James.  You are missed littlest one because you are oh so loved.  You continue to amaze us with all the goodness you are still doing and the people you are allowing us to meet.  We will continue to persevere, share your lessons and remember always.  I have not dreamt of you yet littlest one, but I keep waiting to see your sweet face in my dreams soon . Your dad has dreamt of you twice, he is so lucky … he even heard your sweetest giggle.  Love you love.  You are our everything.  xoxo



  1. It is truly amazing that our little ones have been able to provide us with a new perspective on life and we are able to share it with others. Wylder would be proud!

  2. Cathy Johnson says:

    Shannon – I love how you have committed to forever being a mama bear fighting for her cub. It is heartwarming and inspiring to see how you and Steven have taken the childhood disease bull by the horns. It is clear to see that you both feel that each of these precious kiddos is your very own. Your perserverance can bring nothing but good for them and their families. I know Jill is right – Wylder would be proud! xoxo

  3. oh Shannon, I am so amazed by you. You are helping Wylder to leave his little footprints every where even after he has gone. I know I still feel him. I immediately burst into tears when I read about you dreaming. I had just woken up, literally and had my 2nd dream of Trek. And while I got to hold him in my dream, it was only for a moment and even in my dream I was frusterated. I hope you dream of your sweet little baby’s face soon. xoxo, Chelsea

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