Ollie here WN family … and boy oh boy do I have AMAZING news to report!!!  The Believe in the Magic of Christmas Challenge ends today and you all pulled together and raised $1,215.  WOW oh WOW!!  Shannon, Steven, Wylder and Santa are all so very proud of all of you and grateful for giving to sick kiddos this Christmas.  All 55 kids currently persevering against Niemann Pick Disease (type A, B and C) this holiday will be enjoying Wylder’s book with their families.  How very very special.  Each book has been hand stamped with your names and these kids will be so very grateful. 

here they go …

On top of all that, you all raised enough that 20 HOPE KIDS right here in the Valley battling life threatening illness will also  recieve ‘Warrior Baby” books from Santa himself.  Did you all know you could pull together and do so much good?  Santa and Shnnon are working on planning the event now and will post details here and on the HOPE KIDS face book page soon.  There will be so many happy faces this Holiday and a little piece of Wylder will be in so many homes and under so many Christmas trees because of YOU.  Thank you all so very much for GIVING so generously.  Much Love.  Ollie the Elf xoxo

ollie with HOPE KIDS books


  1. Yeah!!! that is so special. I LOVE the WN stamp, that is so cool. I mean seriously, Wylder is super cool to have his very own stamp! I cannot wait to hear about the Santa event-that will be soo special!

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