Iron WO-man

Steven and I went to our first Iron Man event on Sunday.  No, no we did not participate … ha ha, I just had a giggle evening thinking about that one.  We were going to support a very special friend, that has been supporting us for years now  … MAGIC Beth.  For those of you that have followed Wylder’s blog for a long time know that she was Wylder’s physical therapist.  What an amazing lady and friend she has become.  She walked through our front door for the first time when Wylder was only about 8 months old and came every week for nearly the rest of his life.  She has such a warm smile and kind heart and for her and Wylder it was just love at first site.  She made his life better …. more comfortable.  She taught me SO SO much about caring for a special needs baby that I was like white on rice to her.  She said it, I learned it … and Wylder and I did it.  We all played the funnest games in that playroom over and over again.  Some of Wylder biggest giggles were from toys she introduced us too.  One shaker in particularly I can remember that always had him rolling.  Even as Wylder began to have some changes … she would teach us massages for comfort to keep his muscles relaxed.  Magic Beth earned her nickname quickly in our house … as she was Magical to all of us. 
playing with magic beth on the bouncy ball with funny socks
Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day and the first time Steven and I really saw what iron man was all about.  WOW!  What an accomplishment for these people. The iron man competition is a worldwide event that challenges competitors to complete three athletic events. The event, which consists of swimming, biking, and running. Competitors in must first complete a 2.4 mile … then, they must bike 112 miles and finally, the competitor must run 26.2 miles.  It is hard to even fathom what kind of training it takes to do this accomplishment in ones lifetime.  That being said it has been a dream of Magic Beth’s and after months of training and Wylder name tattoed across her heart  … she did it!!!!  Way to go Magic Beth … we just new you would!
The event was packed with people and we new it would be a bit like where’s Waldo to try and sneak a peek at our friend.  much to our surprise … thanks to Wylder James were were able to find out when she would be coming to a certain turn and we spotted her.  I literally had a lump in my throat the whole time … it was overwhelming to see her accomplishing her dreams and to think of how Wylder was with her in spirit.  Steven and I new she would do this with so many of the children she helps teaching her perseverance.  
she is the second biker back … here she comes
 Below is Magic’s Beth special wishing tree note to Wylder Wylder James from 2010.
you touch me
i touch you
you teach me
I teach you
you love me
I love you
it is as simple as 1-2-3
you are the magic in me
thank you for touching my heart with your magic.
You will always have a special place in my heart and hands!

And Magic Beth … you will to us all of us forever!

Steven and I finished watching Magic Beth from our home on the iron man app and literally jumped for joy and yelled out loud “she did it” as we new she crossed the finish line around 8:30pm.  Isn’t is just amazing what we can all do if we reallty want too?  Steven and I cannot say enough how grateful we are for the people that have come into our lives.  Wylder is so loved.  We have become friends with and gotten to know so many  amazing people because of Wylder, that we cannot imagine not having in our lives.  Congratulations Magic Beth.  Much love.  xox

Read all about the race from Ironman …wo-man Beths’s perspective here;


  1. Congratulations Beth!

  2. i loved the tender picture of her holding Wylder. You can tell they are so relaxed together, I am so glad you were all placed in each others life. I am AMAZED at the iron woman race. HOLY COW-that is intense and I am so glad that she finished, go Beth go!!!

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Magic Beth – what a beautiful and special person. You are indeed lucky to have her in your lives! xoxo

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