In November Wylder had the priviledge of having acupuncture done on him by Shix Xue Min, a world renown acupuncturist and Dr. Jing Lou’s (Wylder’s acupuncturists) professor.  Professor Shi Xue-Min is a highly honored and qualified clinician, researcher, and an academician, with a distinguished record of over 50 years in the field. Professor Shi’s remarkable accomplishments are well-founded in the ancient theories of Chinese medicine. Noted for his meticulous scholarship as well as his ability to blaze new professional trails throughout his career, Shi is the recipient of numerous awards, and has published more than 30 articles and authored 40 books.  He is known as the ‘Father of Acupuncture.’  Dr. Shix Xue Min is the only acupuncturist in the world that has record of helping diseases at the molecular level.  To find out more about his school and teachings, please click here:
Now that Dr. Shix has returned to China, Wylder continues to see Dr. Jing Lou weekly.  She helps him feel more comfortable, use his hands more and with digestion issues.