Celebration of Life

What a night!  Saturday September 25, 2012 was absolutely an evening to remember and a perfect celebration for our Warrior, Wylder James here in Arizona.  We were honored to have as many people attend that did (we estimate we had about 175 people).  The night was filled with both tears and laughter … and was a room busting at the seams with love.  Steven and I made this video for the event (please click on the link below and enjoy … what a LIFE!).


Steven did a BEYOND AMAZING job of speaking.   In just a few words he manage to inspire us all with our Warrior guiding him along the way.  He gave thanks to many of the people that we could not have been on this journey without.  Steven’s composure and deliverance of a message was both commendable and inspiring.  Way to go love … you made both me and Wylder very proud.  Our friends and family that spoke in honor of Wylder, also lifed our spirits, delivered his message/purpose and reminded us he will live in our hearts forever.  I, on the other hand … approached the podium and folded like a lawn chair (ha ha).  I had practiced and practice and had so many things to share … but my cup runith over, with emotions.  Steven was was right behind me to scoop me up and read the words of WARRIOR BABY book to the crowd of love instead … and it all worked out.  In just a few short words, Wylder’s message and how loved he is … was heard loud and clear.  The overall message of the evening was to continue to keep talking forever and LIVE your life more full because of our Wylder James Laffoon. It certainly was a night to remember with a HUGE message.


(enjoying Wylder’s wishing tree)

Only our Warrior would receive a gift as special as the one I am about to share with you.  Our friend Bob Matsunaka worked had in had with Hurley International and had a surfboard hand carved in Wylder’s honor.  This is what fallen surfers received when they pass, and their friends sign the board in their honor.  That is just exactly what what happened for Wylder on Saturday night. Bob Hurley himself hand carved a surfboard with the Wylder Nation Logo proudly sitting at the tip of the board and In Memory of Wylder James Laffoon May 15-2009 – July 20, 2012 written across the front.  It was ‘take your breath’ away beautiful.  Our friends and family signed the back and we are anxious to take the board to Maui and surf it proudly one day soon!

We even ended the evening with big BANG!  A sky full of fireworks popping to “it’s a beautiful day” … PREFECTION!  I just know Wylder was watching and was so very proud.

You are loved Wylder James …

(cousins taking a peek at Warrior Baby book)

Wylder’s life had great purpose … Wylder James, you will live forever in our memories and hearts.  I slept well Saturday  evening, knowing we had had another NO REGRET evening celebrating the most precious, beautiful and full life I have ever known … surrounded by so much love. xoxo

More pictures at the following link … ADRIANA KLAS PHOTOGRAPHY