Feeding Tube

In August of 2010 Wylder had a Gastric surgical feeding tube (G-Tube) put in and his gall bladder removed.  Dr. Notrica (head of Trauma at PCH) performed the surgery at Phoenix Children’s Hospital without any complications.  Dr. Notrica is an amazing surgeon and we couldn’t be happier he is on Team Wylder.  The G-Tube was placed Laparoscopically.  A needle was inserted through the abdomen, visualized within the stomach by camera Dr. Notrica put through a different location in his abdomen.  The suture is then tied to the end of the Mickey tube that will be external, and pulled back down through the stomach, and out through the abdominal wall. The surgery only took about about 30 minutes. The tube is kept within the stomach by a balloon on its tip (which can be deflated). 

While in the PICU at PCH Wylder had some puppy pals visit which reminded him of  our family dog Maddie waiting for us to return home.  He still enjoys his bottles during the day and uses his now NutraPort feeding tube on a slow drip overnight.  It is so helpful for his digestions, sleeping, and daily calorie intake. … the tube is very effective. 

Initially having Wylder’s gull bladder removed because of gallstones was only a goal for preventative measures for his future.  After a biopsy was taken of the gallbladder it turned out Wylder also had Cholecystitis (inflammation) so this part of the surgery gave him a great deal of relief and we are so happy Dr. Notrica was able to remove it.