Hematoma and More

After Wylder’s G-Tube was replaced for a G-J tube outpatient at PCH with IR … it turned into Wylder’s longest hospitalization to date.  Wylder was projectiling bile which we were told was because of a hematoma (or blood clot) that was formed when the tube was placed.  The clot was below where the bile enters the intestines … but the J portion of the tube was below the hematoma.  SO he was tolerating J feeds … but more bile was coming out than food going in.  This hospitalization lead to ascites (extra fluid in his abdomen), 4 paracasensis (draining the excess fluid), externalizing the VP shunt and putting in a PIC catheter, a PICC line and redirecting Wylder shunt to his heart.  It was a very long journey for the Warrior … about a month with 1 day home in the middle.  It was a balancing act of dehydration and over hyderating leading to ascites.  Given everything he has been through though … he recovered very well once we arrived back home.  Downfall to date is that the GJ tube has been removed and no feeds are being tolerated at this point.  So Wylder has a PICC line for TPN and Lipids … not a great option for his little liver.  Mommy and daddy are still exploring better options now!  Needless to say … this version is the long story short :)