Pneumonia landed Warrior Wylder James and our family back at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea for 1 week in April 2012.  It came on very quickly … he had a been having a bit of junky-ness, but overall had been feeling so good.  He even gave us this HUGE cheese just 2 days before his hospital stay.

The care we received in the PICU was outstanding and we felt so blessed to have a place to turn to maximize Wylder’s health care to battle against his first lung issue since D Day.  We left the hospital with a BiPap machine, a high flow oxygen machine and yet 2 more breathing treatments after finishing out some heavy doses of antibiotics.  He is now on hi flow oxygen full time while he recuperates at home with an entire PICU set up at our fingertips to use as needed.  Wylder even has his own officially hospital bed at home with a tempurpedic pillow top for top comfort!  Wylder, you are one amazing Warrior and we love you!!