Shunt Replacement

Wylder’s shunt became slightly exposed on 1.10.11 as his scab began to fall off/heal.  This puts him at HIGH risk for shunt and/or brain infection and therefore we brought him into the Phoenix Children’s PICU so he could be monitored.  Monday night while we were here Wylder developed “Red Man Syndrome” because of the harsh antibiotics he needed to protect his brain.  Monday morning Neurosurgery decided they would be putting in a new external drain into Wylder’s head.  This drained out of his head for about 9 days and the fluid was tested each day for infection.  After there is no sign of infection in the tested fluid, they put in a new VP Shunt that will drain in his abdomen again and remove the current infected shunt.  This was all done by neurosurgeon Dr. Shafron as Dr. Adelson was out of town.  Dr. Shafron did a wonderful job and we continue to follow up with both Doctors in the future. 

Wylder’s trusted Surgeon Dr. Notrica decided not to remove his hernia at the same time as the shunt operation … as he was just at a very fragile state and the hernia was not bothering him.   So he just headed in for the shunt procedure with his beloved friend anesthesiologist Dr. Maze  and Neurosurgeon Dr. Shafron.  Wylder did not look well going into the surgery but just did FANITASTIC in the surgery and is on his road to recovery.   Although he woke up very swollen he was smiling and comfortable.  We want to thank all the doctors in the OR for taking such wonderful care of our little warrior!  We spent about 12 days int eh PICU for this and were very excited to get Wylder home sweet home.