Beth Kozura … better known as “Magic Beth”:  Physical Therapist with Nelson Pediatric Therapy
Physical therapy is very helpful for stretching Wylder.  Wylder has lost most all of his gross motor skills and there for his muscles need to be taught how to work.  Our goal with PT is to keep Wylder comfortable.  Imagine a 23 lb infant … heavy and hard to manipulate.  Beth is currently working on fitting Wylder for a custom toddler wheelchair!
Jane Berkawitz:  Speech and Feeding Therapist Owner of Alphabet Soup
Wylder gets feeding therapy twice a week and LOVES Mrs. Jane.  She has kept Wylder’s interest in the bottle so far and we try to introduce the sippy cup from time to time.  Jane also helps Wylder with his solid foods … and although he LOVES food … swallowing and reflux are issues for Wylder.  Wylder eats solids twice a days (30 min each time) and only takes in about 1 tablespoon total.  His primary source of food is perscription formula Elecare by bottle and feeding tube.
Jessica:  DSI
Respite Hours through Caring Heart of Scottsdale by good friend Sabrina Glans
Sabrina is a HUGE help to our family!  She comes by and plays, reads and walks with Wylder.  She also helps with breathing treatments, giving medicine ect.  We are so grateful for all that Sabrina does for our family!