Best answer: How many male gametes can pollen mother cells produce?

Each of the pollen grain is encased in a wall which is a thick protective sporopollenin and it dries to a desiccated state for dispersal. The microgametophyte in many species is mature only after pollen germination. Thus, a pollen mother cell generates four gametes.

How many gametes can a male produce?

The generative cell is small as compared to the vegetative cell and it floats in the cytoplasm. This generative cell then divides and forms the two male gametes. So, the total number of gametes produced by pollen is two. Hence, the right answer is Option A-(2).

How are two male gametes produced from the pollen mother cell?

Within the microsporangium, each of the microspore mother cells divides by meiosis to give rise to four microspores, each of which will ultimately form a pollen grain (Figure 2). … During its transit inside the pollen tube, the generative cell divides to form two male gametes (sperm cells).

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How many chromosomes are in the pollen mother cell?


The haploid chromosome number (n = 24) was established for the first time by Kihara (1924).

Does pollen produce male gametes?

In flowering plants, male and female gametes are produced in the anther and ovule, respectively. Male gametes are contained within pollen grains, which are released from the anthers at anthesis.

How many pollen mother cells is required for the formation of 8 male gametes in a typical angiosperm?

The formation of microspores or pollens is called microsporogenesis. The primary sporogenous cell gives rise to microspore mother cells or pollen mother cells. Each microspore mother cell on reduction division gives rise to 4 microspores or pollens. So for the formation of 100 pollen grains, 25 MMC are required.

How many pollen mother cells are required for the formation of 8 male gametes?

1 Pollen grain will two male gametes by the division of generative cell mitotically. So 4 pollen grains will give rise to 8 male gamets. Means one Pollen mother cell will give 8 male gamets. So 4 Pollen mother cells(Diploid) will give 4 × 8 = 32 male garments(Haploid).

How many male gametes can 4 produce?

This releases two sperm cells that move down the pollen tube. One meiosis gives rise to four pollen grains. Each of these pollen grain gives rise to 2 male gametes. Consequently, the overall outcome of meiosis is 8 male gametes.

How many pollen grains mother cells are required for the formation of 200 male gametes?

Number of meiotic divisions required to produce 200/400 seeds of pea would be 250/500. 200 seeds of pea would be produced from 200 pollen grains and 200 eggs. 200 pollen grains will be formed by 50 microspore mother cell while 200 eggs will be formed by 200 megaspore mother cell so 250/500.

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How many numbers of pollen mother cells are required for the formation of 1600 male gametes?

So total microspore mother cell in 4 pollen sacs=4X100=400 Meiosis produces 4 pollen grains or male gametophytes. Meiosis in 400 microspore mother cell will produce=400X4=1600 pollen grains or male gametophytes.

How many pollen mother cells will produce 1000 pollen grains?

Pollen mother cell undergoes meiotic division to produce 4 pollen grains. So, for generation of 1000 pollen grains, 1000/4 = 250 pollen mother cells undergo meiotic division.

How many chromosomes are in pollen?

The pollen tube contains 12 chromosomes and 3 haploid nuclei, so each nucleus will have 4 chromosomes. If each sperm nucleus has 4 chromosomes, then the egg must also have 4 chromosomes and the diploid number for the plant must be 8.

How are pollen mother cells formed?

microspore mother cell (microsporocyte)

In flowering plants microspore mother cells are formed within the pollen sacs of the anthers by mitosis; the microspores they produce develop into pollen grains…. …

How many male gametes are formed by a pollen grain in Gymnosperm?

– The pollen grain or the male gametophytes are produced from the microspores of gymnosperms. In gymnosperms, at the 3-celled, 4-celled or 5-celled stage, microspores are released at different stages, but finally 2 male gametes are produced.

How many cells are found in female gametophyte?

The female gametophyte develops within the ovule and generally consists of three antipodal cells, one central cell, two synergid cells, and one egg cell (Figures 1A and 1B). The female gametophyte is also commonly called the embryo sac or megagametophyte.

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How many male gametes are released into the embryo sac?

Pollen tube release 2 male gametes in the embryo sac.