Frequent question: Which part of the root would have the highest mitotic index?

The meristematic region in the root tip is the actively growing region and thus the mitotic index is high.

What part of a plant has the highest mitotic index?

The apical meristem, just beneath the root cap, contains most of the root’s dividing cells. Therefore, cells in this area must complete the cell cycle often.

Which region of a root has the most mitotic activity?

What region of a root has the most mitosis activity? Why? The end has the most mitotic activity. The cells are going through later stages of mitosis.

What has a higher mitotic index?

An elevated mitotic index indicates more cells are dividing. In cancer cells, the mitotic index may be elevated compared to normal growth of tissues or cellular repair of the site of an injury.

What is the mitotic index of onion root tip?

Because 42 cells of the 100 cells are in one of the phases of mitosis, the mitotic index for this population of onion root tip cells is 42%.

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What is a high mitotic count?

The higher the mitotic count, the more likely the tumor is to have metastasized (spread). The logic is that the more cells are dividing, the more likely they will invade the blood or lymphatic vessels and thus spread around the body.

Is Interphase included in mitotic index?

It is concluded that the relation between the shape of a histogram and the mitotic index of the tissue cannot be defined unless the durations of interphase and mitosis and the proportion of cells participating in the interphase-mitotic cycle are known. …

Which zone would have the highest rate of mitosis in onion root tip?

The meristematic region in the root tip is the actively growing region and thus the mitotic index is high.

What is mitotic index used for?

The mitotic index (percentage of cells in mitosis at any time) provides a measure of the capacity of cells to divide and of the rate of cell division. It is used to identify the sites of growth within a tissue and to determine which cell types are dividing.

What is mitotic index a level biology?

The mitotic index is the ratio between the number of cells in mitosis and the total number of cells.

What is the average mitotic index?

Labelling and mitotic indices were studied in the epidermis of twenty-eight young men. A mean labelling index of 5.5% was found from the whole study and a mean mitotic index of 0.06%. Mitotic index particularly was extremely variable; indices between 0.002 and 0.438% were found in individual biopsies.

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What is a mitotic count?

To find the mitotic rate, the number of cells dividing in a certain amount of cancer tissue is counted. Mitotic rate is used to help find the stage of melanoma (a type of skin cancer) and other types of cancer. Higher mitotic rates are linked with lower survival rates. Also called MR.

Why does mitosis occur in onion root tip?

Why is onion root tip used to demonstrate mitosis in this experiment? It is because of the meristematic cells that are situated in the tip of the roots that render the most desirable and suitable raw material to study the different stages of mitosis.

What type of roots do onions have?

Onion plants possess fibrous roots. A bundle of fibrous roots are present at the base of the bulb.