Question: In which stratum of the epidermis is mitosis cell division the fastest?

What layer of epidermis is the fastest rate of mitosis?

stratum basale. Mitotic activity in the epidermis is highest in the stratum basale layer. The stratum basale is the deepest…

Which cells go through mitosis the fastest?

This means, in humans, the fastest rate of mitosis happens in the zygote, embryo and infant stage. A high rate of mitosis is required to grow and repair tissue, such as in human lymph nodes and bone marrow.

Which layer of the epidermis does mitosis occur?

Stratum Basale

This layer is one of the most important layers of our skin. This is because it contains the only cells of the epidermis that can divide via the process of mitosis, which means that skin cells germinate here, hence the word germinativum.

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Which layer of the epidermis exhibits the highest rate of mitosis?

The epidermal layer that exhibits the most rapid cell division is the stratum basale. The stratum basale…

How fast can mitosis occur?

Usually, cells will take between 5 and 6 hours to complete S phase. G2 is shorter, lasting only 3 to 4 hours in most cells. In sum, then, interphase generally takes between 18 and 20 hours. Mitosis, during which the cell makes preparations for and completes cell division only takes about 2 hours.

Which of the following layer of the epidermis is the most superficial?

The stratum corneum is the most superficial layer of the epidermis and is the layer exposed to the outside environment (see Figure 5.1. 4). The increased keratinization (also called cornification) of the cells in this layer gives it its name. There are usually 15 to 30 layers of cells in the stratum corneum.

Which cells divide the fastest?

Basal cells divide faster than needed to replenish the cells being shed, and with each division both of the two newly formed cells will often retain the capacity to divide, leading to an increased number of dividing cells.

What cells reproduce the fastest?

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  • epithelial cells. are in the skin; fastest to reproduce.
  • connective cells. the second fastest at reproducing cells; ex. …
  • nerve cells. reproduce the slowest; rarely reproduce.
  • muscles cells. reproduce the second slowest.
  • gene. segment of DNA coding for a protein or RNA.
  • Chromosome. …
  • histone. …
  • histone core.

Which of the following tissues has the highest rate of mitosis?

Skin cells, hair follicles and the cells lining our intestines (epithelial cells) all have high rates of mitosis as these tissues constantly need to be replaced. In plants growth occurs largely at the shoot and root tips. These cells have much higher rates of mitosis than the rest of the plant.

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What layer of epidermis does cell division occurs?

The layer of the epidermis where most cell division occurs is the stratum basale.

Which layer of the epidermis does cell division take place in?

There are more layers of cells in thicker hairless skin with an additional layer, known as the stratum lucidum. Overall, the process of cell division, desquamation, and shedding go as follows: Cell division occurs in stratum basale/germinativum. One cell remains, another cell is pushed toward the surface.

In which layer of the epidermis do cells divide?

The Basal Cell Layer

The basal layer is the innermost layer of the epidermis, and contains small round cells called basal cells. The basal cells continually divide, and new cells constantly push older ones up toward the surface of the skin, where they are eventually shed.

Which epidermal region is involved in rapid cell division?

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Layer of the epidermis where there is the most rapid cell division. Stratum basale
Epidermal layer that has stem cells Stratum basale
Dermal layer with hair follicles and glands Superficial dermis
Defends skin against microorganisms Langerhans cells
Produces keratin. Keratinocytes

Which layer of the epidermis consists of a single row of cells where rapid cell division occurs?

Stratum Basale

Deepest epidermal layer firmly attached to the dermis. Consists of a single row of the youngest keratinocytes. Cells undergo rapid division, hence its alternative name, stratum germinativum. Takes 20-25 days from when cell is produced to when it is flaked off.

Which epidermal skin layer contains rapidly dividing cells?

Stratum Basale – The deepest epidermal layer, it’s a single row of cells (usually cuboidal) that are always rapidly dividing, producing the superficial layers.

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