Quick Answer: How many cells will be produced if a cell divides mitotically six times?

How many cells will be produced if a cell divides 6 times Mitotically?

Answer: 12 cells can be formed if cell divide by 6 times through mitosis process. Buddy because mitosis is the process in which daughter cells forms 2 than that of mother cells.

How many cells will be produced if a cell divides mitotically?

Mitosis is a process of nuclear division in eukaryotic cells that occurs when a parent cell divides to produce two identical daughter cells.

How many cells are produced if a cell divides mitotically four times?

Four cells called gamete cells will be produced if a cell divides mitotically four times. Explanation: Mitosis is the process by which a cell divides into two clones, each with the same number of chromosomes.

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What does 2N 6 mean in mitosis?

a diploid cell where 2N = 6. ∎ Meiosis involves 2 consecutive cell. divisions. Since the DNA is duplicated.

How many divisions occur when a cell is divided into 128 cells?

The cell will have to divide 7 times mitotically, to form 128 cells.

How many times does a single cell divides to form 32 cells?

Five mitotic divisions are required to form 32 cells from a single cell.

How many times a cell will have to divide mitotically to form 512 cells?

9 mitotic division. since one mitotic division produce 2 cell.

How many times a cell will have to divide mitotically to form 256 cells?

by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams. Mitotic cells division is equational division where a mother cell divides to form 2 daughter cells. So to produce 256 cells from a single cell, 8 mitotic divisions will occur which can be represented as 1→2→4→8→16→64→128→256.

How many times a cell has to divide mitotically to produce 256 cells?

Thus, after 8 mitotic divisions, 256 cells are produced from a single parent cell.

How many times a cell can divide?

The Hayflick Limit is a concept that helps to explain the mechanisms behind cellular aging. The concept states that a normal human cell can only replicate and divide forty to sixty times before it cannot divide anymore, and will break down by programmed cell death or apoptosis.

How many cells will have zygote after 4 divisions?

A zygote is a fertilized egg cell, so it is only one cell.

How many mitotic divisions produce 128 cells?

Therefore, 7 mitotic divisions are required for a single cell to make 128 cells.

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What does 2N 6 chromosomes mean?

The karyotype is described as 2N=6, XY. At this stage, the number of chromosomes equals the number of chromatids, and these are the same between males and females.

What is a diploid number of 6?

Because the critter has two copies of each of the three chromosomes, the diploid number is 6 (2 × 3 = 6). This is what your critter’s chromosomes look like in the unreplicated form. Note that there are six chromosomes here consisting of three homologous pairs.

What does 2N 8 mean?

homologous chromosomes is diploid, meaning “two sets.” The diploid number of chromosomes is sometimes represented by the symbol 2N. For the fruit fly, the diploid number is 8, which can be written as 2N = 8, where N represents twice the number of chromosomes in a sperm or egg cell.