Quick Answer: What is the structural difference between chromatin and chromosomes?

The main difference between chromatin and chromosome is that chromatin consists of the unravelled condensed structure of DNA for the purpose of packaging into the nucleus whereas chromosome consists of the highest condensed structure of the DNA doublehelix for the proper separation of the genetic material between …

What is the structural difference between chromatin and chromosomes and when is each present in a cell?

The structure of Chromatin is the composition of the nucleosomes-a complex of DNA and proteins known as histones. The diameter of the chromatin fiber is 10 nm. Chromosomes are a higher order of DNA organization, where DNA is condensed at least by 10,000 times onto itself.

What is the difference between chromosome and chromatin Class 9?

Answer: Chromatin is the DNA fibers which are scattered all over inside the nucleus in the interphase of mitosis. Whereas chromosome is a highly condensed chromatin or DNA fiber which is seen just prior to a cell division, be it mitosis or meiosis.

What is true about the difference between chromatin and chromosomes group of answer choices?

The main structural difference between chromatin and chromosomes, is that chromosomes are highly condensed and packaged prior to cell division. Whereas chromatin is the unwound component of DNA.

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What is relation between chromatin and chromosomes?

As mentioned above, chromatin is composed of DNA and histones that are packaged into thin, stringy fibers. The chromatin undergoes further condensation to form the chromosome. So the chromatin is a lower order of DNA organization, while chromosomes are the higher order of DNA organization.

How do chromosomes relate to chromatin?

Explanation: Chromatin is DNA packaged by histones. When chromatin is condensed and further organized, we have chromosomes . Chromosomes are paired whereas chromatin is not.

What are chromosomes and chromatin material?

Chromatin is the material that makes up a chromosome that consists of DNA and protein. The major proteins in chromatin are proteins called histones. They act as packaging elements for the DNA.

What is the similarity and difference between chromatin network chromatid and chromosome?

A chromosome is made up two Identical Sister Chromatids.

Difference between Chromosome and Chromatid
Chromosomes have centromeres It is the Sister Chromatids only who have centromeres
DNA is utilized during macromolecule synthesis (synthesis of complex proteins) DNA is not utilized during macromolecule synthesis