What are the gametes produced by RrYy?

In P1 generation, the parent RRYY produces 2 gametes, RY and RY and parent rryy produces 2 gametes, ry and ry.

What gametes can be produced by AABbCc?

These types of genotypes that are ABC, ABc, AbC, and Abc will be found in the gametes. Thus the number of gametes produced by the plant having the genotype AABbCc is four.

How many types of gametes are produced by RRMM?

Four different types of gametes are produced in equal proportions from the dihybrid individual due to.

What are the possible gametes produced by F1 peas?

The F1 individuals can produce 4 different types of gametes: TG, Tg, tG, tg. The possible phenotypes would be tall and green, tall and yellow, dwarf and green and dwarf and yellow in a 9:3:3:1 ratio. Tall pea plants are dominant to dwarf pea plants and green pod color is dominant to yellow pod color in pea plants.

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What is the proportion of genotype AaBbCc in resulting generation by selfing a plant having the genotype AaBbCc?


How many different gametes could a person with the genotype AaBbCc form?

A person with genotype AaBbCc can form 4 gametes when the genes are on different chromosomes.

How many gametes are formed from YyRr?

After fertilization, the F1 heterozygote will be formed i.e YyRr (yellow and round). On selfing F1 we get two possible combinations i.e YR, Yr, yR, yr. Therefore four types of gametes are formed in the ratio of 1:1:1:1.

How many types of gametes are formed from pea plants having genotype YyRr?

Thus, there are four equally likely gametes that can be formed when the YyRr heterozygote is self-crossed, as follows: YR, Yr, yR, and yr.

How many types of gametes are formed from a pea plant genotype YyRr?

Number of “gametes = 2n”, where n is the heterozygosity.” Since n = 1 so 2 gametes will be formed.

What are the possible gametes?

There are four possible combinations of gametes for the AaBb parent. Half of the gametes get a dominant A and a dominant B allele; the other half of the gametes get a recessive a and a recessive b allele. Both parents produce 25% each of AB, Ab, aB, and ab.

How many gamete possibilities will there be produced by the F1 generation?

The possible number of gametes of F1 generation are 2*4=16 4. How many different genotypes and phenotypes will there be in the F2 generation?

How many types of gametes can be produced by a diploid organism?

Types of gametes =2n where n is number of heterozygous loci. Thus, gametes produced by a diploid organism could be 24=16.

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