What support is available for families with Down syndrome?

The International Down Syndrome Coalition is dedicated to serving individuals with Down syndrome from conception throughout their lives. IDSC provides support to families who have been given a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Is there help for families with Down syndrome?

The International Down Syndrome Coalition (IDSC) is dedicated to helping and advocating for individuals with Down syndrome from conception and throughout life. We promote the dignity and respect of individuals with DS and assist the families who love them.

What support is offered to people with Down syndrome?

Most children with Down’s syndrome will qualify for Disability Living Allowance. You might also be entitled to Carer’s Allowance and your family might receive additional financial support through Tax Credits.

Are there special programs for children with Down syndrome?

The State of California Department of Developmental Services has 21 regional centers in the state that run programs and provide funding for individuals with defined disabilities that manifest before 18 years of age. Children with Down syndrome are eligible for these programs.

How can a support worker help someone with Down syndrome?

We can support those living with Down’s syndrome with:

  1. Personal care, washing and dressing.
  2. Administering medication safely.
  3. Light household duties such as vacuuming, laundry and cooking.
  4. Assistance with admin such as paying bills correctly.
  5. Getting out and about in the local community and meeting with friends.
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How can parents help a child with Down syndrome?

Everyday Tips

  1. Give your child chores around the house. …
  2. Have your child play with other kids who do and don’t have Down syndrome.
  3. Keep your expectations high as your child tries and learns new things.
  4. Make time to play, read, have fun, and go out together.
  5. Support your child in doing day-to-day tasks on their own.

How will a social worker help someone with Down syndrome?

Social worker: People with Down’s syndrome may need help in overcoming some social problems, such as finding accommodation or applying for financial benefits. A social worker will help them to do this, allowing them to live more independently.

What is an organization that advocates for Down syndrome?

The National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS)

NDSS is a national advocate for the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

How can you help someone with Down syndrome?

Treatment Therapies

  1. Physical therapy includes activities and exercises that help build motor skills, increase muscle strength, and improve posture and balance. …
  2. Speech-language therapy can help children with Down syndrome improve their communication skills and use language more effectively.