Which describe the fruit fly genotype and phenotype?

What is the genotype of a fruit fly?

In fruit flies, the dominant V allele produces long wings, whereas the recessive v allele produces vestigial wings. Thus, flies with the genotype VV or Vv will have long wings, and flies with the genotype vv will have vestigial wings.

What will be the phenotype of fruit flies?

In fruit flies, two possible body color phenotypes are brown and black. Two alleles for body color are brown and black.

What is the genotype of the male fruit fly?

Normally, flies have either one or two X chromosomes and two sets of autosomes. If there is but one X chromosome in a diploid cell (1X:2A), the fly is male. If there are two X chromosomes in a diploid cell (2X:2A), the fly is female (Bridges 1921, 1925). Thus, XO Drosophila are sterile males.

How do you describe phenotype and genotype?

Genotype versus phenotype. An organism’s genotype is the set of genes that it carries. An organism’s phenotype is all of its observable characteristics — which are influenced both by its genotype and by the environment.

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What is the phenotype of the female fruit fly?

Since the female fly has a yellow body, and the tan body color is the dominant allele, she will be homozygous recessive for yellow body color. Therefore, the female fly will be homozygous for both traits.

What is the genotype of a heterozygous fly?

However, a fly that has a normal body color may have the homozygous genotype EE or the heterozygous genotype Ee. … In its simplest form, a test cross is an experimental cross of an individual organism of dominant phenotype but unknown genotype and an organism with a homozygous recessive genotype (and phenotype).

Is PP genotype or phenotype?

Predicting Offspring Phenotypes

Only offspring with the pp genotype will have the white-flower phenotype. Therefore, in this cross, you would expect three out of four (75 percent) of the offspring to have purple flowers and one out of four (25 percent) to have white flowers.

Why the flies have different phenotypes?

Lucky for scientists, and maybe not so lucky for fruit flies, there are all kinds of ways that fly DNA can be mutated to create interesting looking flies. These different visible traits that result from mutated DNA are called phenotypes. This is the type of female fruit fly you would find in nature.

What is the genotype of the male fruit fly quizlet?

A male fruit fly has the genotype PpYYrrTt. In terms of these 4 allele pairs, how many different types of gametes can he form?

Which choice is an example of a phenotype?

Phenotype is a way to describe the traits you can see. The set of the observable traits expressed in an organism is called its phenotype. Examples of phenotypes include observable traits such as height, skin color or hair color.

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Which genotype would give you a wild type phenotype?

Wild-type alleles are indicated with a “+” superscript, for example w+ and vg+ for red eyes and full-size wings, respectively. Manipulation of the genes behind these traits led to the current understanding of how organisms form and how traits mutate within a population.

What is phenotype and genotype with examples?

Eye color. The dominant genetic trait for eye color is brown, which is represented by BB genotype. Thus, in homozygous individuals, the genotype for eye color will be BB or bb. … The phenotype of the individual, that is, the eye color in the individual is dependent on the resultant genotype for that character.

How do you describe a phenotype?

The term “phenotype” refers to the observable physical properties of an organism; these include the organism’s appearance, development, and behavior. … Phenotypes also include observable characteristics that can be measured in the laboratory, such as levels of hormones or blood cells.