Which is the shortest phase of meiosis?

Hint: The shortest phase is a part of Meiosis I in cell division. It involves the separation of homologous chromosomes, which start moving towards the opposite poles after they are aligned at the equator. Complete answer: The shortest phase of mitosis is Anaphase I.

Which phase is the shortest phase?

M phase is considered as the shortest phase in the cell cycle. G1 phase, S phase, G2 phase and M phase. The total time duration of a cell cycle is for 24 hours.

Which is the shortest phase in mitosis?

In anaphase, the shortest stage of mitosis, the sister chromatids break apart, and the chromosomes begin moving to opposite ends of the cell.

Which cell phase is the shortest?

The shortest stage of the cell cycle is called cytokinesis (division of the cytoplasm). In cytokinesis, the cytoplasm and its organelles divide into two daughter cells. contains a nucleus with an identical set of chromosomes.

Which of the following phases are longest and shortest in meiosis?

Prophase has longest duration, while anaphase has the shortest duration.

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Why is mitosis the shortest phase?

The kinetochore microtubules shorten as the chromatids are pulled toward opposite poles, while the polar microtubules subsequently elongate to assist in the separation. Anaphase typically is a rapid process that lasts only a few minutes, making it the shortest stage in mitosis.

Is metaphase the shortest stage of mitosis?

The shortest stage of mitosis is anaphase. Anaphase is the third stage of mitosis, between metaphase and telophase, that only lasts for a few minutes….

Which is the longest phase of meiosis?

Prophase-I is again divided into five substages- leptotene, zygotene, pachytene, diplotene and diakinesis. It is the longest phase of meiosis. Metaphase-I is characterized by arrangement of bivalents in two equatorial plates.

Why is anaphase the shortest phase in meiosis?

Anaphase is considered the shortest stage of the cell cycle because this stage involves only the separation of sister chromatids and their migration…

Is the shortest phase of Karyokinesis?

During prophase, the chromatin condenses to form chromosomes. During metaphase, the chromosomes arrange on the equatorial plane and the formation of Central fibers takes place. What is Karyokinesis in Biology? Karyokinesis is the division of cell’s nucleus into the daughter cells.

Which phase of the cell cycle is longest shortest?

Interphase is the longest part of the cell cycle. This is when the cell grows and copies its DNA before moving into mitosis. During mitosis, chromosomes will align, separate, and move into new daughter cells. The prefix inter- means between, so interphase takes place between one mitotic (M) phase and the next.

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Which is the shortest phase of all mitotic phases?

Anaphase is the shortest phase in the process of mitosis. It is the third stage of cell division, between metaphase and telophase, during which the chromatids of the chromosomes separate and daughter chromosomes with single chromatids move to each pole of the cell.

Which is the shortest phase of prophase 1?

Leptotene- This is the first stage of prophase I and the shortest phase of prophase I.

  • It the phase of a replicated chromosome condensation.
  • The chromosomes condense and become compact and visible hence making it possible to distinguish between sister chromatids.

Which of the following is longest and shortest in mitosis?

It’s clearly mentioned in the NCERT that, Prophase is longest phase of mitosis. If we want to check whether Anaphase is shortest or not, then as it’s next to Metaphase, during metaphase chromosomes align themselves in single line. And in Anaphase, the only work is movement of chromosomes to the pole.