Which region of a root has the most mitotic activity?

The apical meristem, just beneath the root cap, contains most of the root’s dividing cells. Therefore, cells in this area must complete the cell cycle often.

Where does mitotic activity occur?

The areas of plants where mitosis happens most rapidly are the stems, side branches and root tips.

Where does mitotic division occur in plants?

Mitosis in plants happens in the meristems of the plant that are located at the tip of the stems and roots.

What part of an onion root would show the most mitosis and why?

The meristematic region in the root tip is the actively growing region and thus the mitotic index is high.

What has a higher mitotic index?

An elevated mitotic index indicates more cells are dividing. In cancer cells, the mitotic index may be elevated compared to normal growth of tissues or cellular repair of the site of an injury.

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Where does mitosis occur most in the human body?

Mitosis occurs rapidly in the growing regions, the dermis of the skin, where cells are replaced continuously, the region of wound healing, etc.

Where in the cell does most of the activity occur during mitosis?

A unique feature of the nucleus is that it disassembles and re-forms each time most cells divide.

Where does mitosis occur in the root?

The root tip of a plant contains an apical meristem that facilitates the growth in length of the root. The apical meristem is just a small area at the end of the root tip where mitosis occurs (see Figure 1).

In which parts of the plant is mitosis more active?

In plants, mitosis only occurs in the meristematic tissue.

Where does mitosis occur in plants and mammals?

In animals mitosis occurs in somatic cells and meiosis in germ cells during gamete formation, in plants mitosis occurs in all except those which produce spores by meiosis.

Which of these is the special area in the onion root where mitosis occurs?

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What are the main spots in these onion root tips? Region of cell elongation Region of cell division Root cap
What kind of cell is this in mitosis and what does it do (what happens)?? Metaphase, the chromosomes meet in the middle, you can see DNA lined in the middle of the cell

What is the mitotic index of onion root tip?

Because 42 cells of the 100 cells are in one of the phases of mitosis, the mitotic index for this population of onion root tip cells is 42%.

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What is a high mitotic rate?

The higher the mitotic count, the more likely the tumor is to have metastasized (spread). The logic is that the more cells are dividing, the more likely they will invade the blood or lymphatic vessels and thus spread around the body.

What is mitotic index used for?

The mitotic index (percentage of cells in mitosis at any time) provides a measure of the capacity of cells to divide and of the rate of cell division. It is used to identify the sites of growth within a tissue and to determine which cell types are dividing.