Best answer: How many chromosomes would one expect in the body somatic cells of the female offspring?

How many chromosomes will be in the somatic cells in its offspring?

All somatic (body) cells (gametes [sperm and egg] are not called somatic cells) have 46 chromosomes (40 in the mouse), half of which came from the father and half from the mother.

How many chromosomes are present in the somatic daughter cell of a human?

Each daughter cell will have half of the original 46 chromosomes, or 23 chromosomes. Each chromosome consists of 2 sister chromatids. The daughter cells now move in to the third and final phase of meiosis: meiosis II.

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How many chromosomes are in a somatic cell?

In humans, somatic cells contain 46 chromosomes organized into 23 pairs. By contrast, gametes of diploid organisms contain only half as many chromosomes. In humans, this is 23 unpaired chromosomes.

What would be the expected chromosome number of the somatic cells of the hybrids?

A) The somatic cell of the hybrid should be the sum of the gametic chromosomes numbers in the parents, namely, wheat (n=15) and rye (n=7). Therefore the expected chromosome number in the somatic cell of the hybrid would be 15+7=22.

Where do somatic cells came from and how many chromosomes do somatic cells have?

​Somatic Cells

Somatic cells are diploid, meaning that they contain two sets of chromosomes, one inherited from each parent. Mutations in somatic cells can affect the individual, but they are not passed on to offspring.

How many chromosomes are in a human somatic cell name two types of somatic cells in your body?

Human somatic cells have 46 chromosomes consisting of two sets of 22 homologous chromosomes and a pair of nonhomologous sex chromosomes. This is the 2n, or diploid, state. Human gametes have 23 chromosomes or one complete set of chromosomes. This is the n, or haploid, state.

How many somatic cells are in the human body?

Essentially, all cells that make up an organism’s body and are not used to directly form a new organism during reproduction are somatic cells. The word somatic comes from the Greek word σὠμα (soma), which means body. In the human body, there are about 220 types of somatic cells.

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How many maternal chromosomes are present in a somatic human cell in G1?

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Question Answer
How many maternal chromosomes are present in a somatic human cell not engaged in cell division? 23
“Cytokinesis” refers to __________. the division of the cytoplasm
Chromatids are __________. identical copies of each other if they are part of the same duplicated chromosome

How many DNA molecules are in each of your somatic cells?

In each somatic cell there are 46 DNA molecules, For the second question how protein synthesis occur, it occurs by transcription and translation. Transcription occurs in the nucleus and translation occurs in the cytoplasm.

What are the somatic chromosomes?

Definitions of somatic chromosome. any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome; appear in pairs in body cells but as single chromosomes in spermatozoa. synonyms: autosome. type of: chromosome. a threadlike strand of DNA in the cell nucleus that carries the genes in a linear order.

How many chromosomes are in the adjacent cell?

Human cells normally have two sets of chromosomes, one set inherited from each parent. There are 23 chromosomes in each set, for a total of 46 chromosomes per cell. Each chromosome in one set is matched by a chromosome of the same type in the other set, so there are actually 23 pairs of chromosomes per cell.

How many chromosomes are present in a non somatic cell?

Mandira P. In human somatic cells, there are 23 pair (2n) of chromosomes, and there are 23 pairs in all cells except in gametes. Of the 23 pair in somatic cell, 22 pair are autosomes, while two are sex chromosomes.

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What does 2n 16 mean?

2n = 16, n is the haploid number of chromosomes. 2n = 16, it means n = 8. The haploid number of chromosomes is 8. The sperm and egg cells have a haploid number of chromosomes. Thus, it will have 8 chromosomes in their cell.

How many chromosomes are in the somatic cell of an organism with a haploid number of n 30?

Glossary of ploidy numbers

Term Description
Zygotic number Number of chromosomes in zygotic cells
Haploid or gametic number (n) Number of chromosomes found in gametes
Diploid number Chromosome number of a diploid organism
Tetraploid number Chromosome number of a tetraploid organism

What is the diploid number 2n for the somatic cells of armadillos?

The diploid numbers range from 2n = 54 to 2n = 64 in the anteaters and from 2n = 38 to 2n = 64 in the armadillos [29,30,32].