Best answer: Which of the following best describes a recessive allele?

How would you best describe recessive alleles?

A recessive allele is a variety of genetic code that does not create a phenotype if a dominant allele is present. … A heterozygous individual will appear the same as a homozygous dominant individual. This means that an organisms with two dominant alleles appear the same as an organism with only one functioning allele.

What is a recessive allele?

Recessive refers to a type of allele which will not be manifested in an individual unless both of the individual’s copies of that gene have that particular genotype.

Which of the following describes a recessive trait?

A recessive trait is the weak, unexpressed trait of a dichotomous pair of alleles (dominant-recessive) that has no effect in the phenotype of heterozygous individuals.

How do you describe recessive gene?

A recessive gene is a gene that can be masked by a dominant gene. In order to have a trait that is expressed by a recessive gene, such as blue eyes, you must get the gene for blue eyes from both of your parents.

What is an example of a recessive allele?

Examples of Recessive Traits

For example, having a straight hairline is recessive, while having a widow’s peak (a V-shaped hairline near the forehead) is dominant. Cleft chin, dimples, and freckles are similar examples; individuals with recessive alleles for a cleft chin, dimples, or freckles do not have these traits.

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What is recessive allele Class 10?

If the alleles (two versions of each gene) of a gene are different, one allele will be expressed as Dominant gene while the other allele effect is called recessive.

What is recessive and dominant allele?

Dominant refers to the relationship between two versions of a gene. Individuals receive two versions of each gene, known as alleles, from each parent. If the alleles of a gene are different, one allele will be expressed; it is the dominant gene. The effect of the other allele, called recessive, is masked.

How is a recessive allele different from a dominant allele?

A dominant allele produces a dominant phenotype in individuals who have one copy of the allele, which can come from just one parent. For a recessive allele to produce a recessive phenotype, the individual must have two copies, one from each parent.

What is a recessive allele A level biology?

Genes & Alleles

An allele is dominant if it is expressed in the phenotype of an heterozygous individual. An allele is recessive if it is not expressed in the phenotype of an heterozygous individual. An allele is codominant if it is expressed, along with the other allele, in the phenotype of a heterozygous individual.

Which best describes allele?

An allele is all the DNA within an organism. This is actually the definition of genome, not allele. An allele is a section of DNA that codes for a protein. … The choice that best describes an allele is different forms of the same gene.

What meant by recessive?

: being or produced by a form of a gene whose effect can be hidden by a dominant gene and which can produce a noticeable effect only when two copies of the gene are present Blue eye color is a recessive trait. recessive. adjective. re·​ces·​sive | ri-ˈses-iv

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