Quick Answer: What statement about microtubules during anaphase is true?

What happens to microtubules during anaphase?

More specifically, in the first part of anaphase — sometimes called anaphase A — the kinetochore microtubules shorten and draw the chromosomes toward the spindle poles. … Note the other types of microtubules involved in anchoring the spindle pole and pulling apart the sister chromatids.

How do microtubules move chromosomes in anaphase quizlet?

The sister chromatids of each chromosome (now referred to as daughter chromosomes) are pulled apart during anaphase. … Kinetochore microtubules shorten—pull chromosomes to poles. Polar microtubules (aka non-kinetochore microtubules) lengthen—push spindle poles apart. Astral microtubules shorten—pull spindles apart.

At which end do microtubules shorten during anaphase?

During poleward movement of the autosomes in anaphase, the bundled region shortens by about 0.25 microm for each 1 microm the chromosome moves poleward; this suggests that, during anaphase, 75% of the kinetochore microtubule shortening occurs at the pole end.

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Which of the following about microtubules during anaphase is true?

What statement about microtubules during anaphase is true? – Those attached to chromosomes elongate, while those that are unattached shorten. … – Both attached and unattached microtubules elongate at first and then shorten. Those attached to chromosomes shorten, while those that are unattached elongate.

What is true about telophase stage?

During telophase, the individual chromosomes are no longer seen and chromatin material tends to collect in a mass at the two poles. Chromosomes cluster at opposite spindle poles and their identity is lost as discrete elements. Nuclear envelope assembles around the chromosome clusters.

Why do microtubules shrink during anaphase?

If this concept is correct, the spindle microtubules attached to the kinetochores of the sister chromatids, shorten by depolymerization (removal) of protein subunits at their polar ends. This would shorten the microtubule and “pull” on it, tugging the chromosome half towards that pole.

What role do microtubules play during mitosis quizlet?

What role do microtubules play during mitosis? Microtubules play a role in the migration of chromosomes to opposite ends of a dividing cell during anaphase. 1- Genetic material divided and 2 daughter cells form. 2-Cellular contents excluding chromosomes are duplicated.

What functions do microtubules perform during mitosis?

Microtubules play an important role in cell division by contributing to the formation of the mitotic spindle, which plays a part in the migration of duplicated chromosomes during anaphase.

What is the role of microtubules in mitosis mastering biology?

During mitosis, microtubules attach to chromosomes at the KINETOCHORE(S). 4. In dividing cells, most of the cell’s growth occurs during INTERPHASE. … The MITOTIC SPINDLE(S) is a cell structure consisting of microtubules, which forms during early mitosis and plays a role in cell division.

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What happens in prophase metaphase anaphase and telophase?

1) Prophase: chromatin into chromosomes, the nuclear envelope break down, chromosomes attach to spindle fibres by their centromeres 2) Metaphase: chromosomes line up along the metaphase plate (centre of the cell) 3) Anaphase: sister chromatids are pulled to opposite poles of the cell 4) Telophase: nuclear envelope …

What are the main events of metaphase?

Metaphase is a stage in the cell cycle where all the genetic material is condensing into chromosomes. These chromosomes then become visible. During this stage, the nucleus disappears and the chromosomes appear in the cytoplasm of the cell.

Why is metaphase important in mitosis?

Metaphase is the third phase of mitosis, the process that separates duplicated genetic material carried in the nucleus of a parent cell into two identical daughter cells. … There is an important checkpoint in the middle of mitosis, called the metaphase checkpoint, during which the cell ensures that it is ready to divide.

Which of the following represents the true order of events in mitosis?

The correct answer is (a) prophase → metaphase → anaphase → telophase.

What is the overall purpose of meiosis?

Therefore the purpose of meiosis is to produce gametes, the sperm and eggs, with half of the genetic complement of the parent cells.

Which statement best describes the role of meiosis during reproduction?

Which of the following statements best explains the role of meiosis in reproduction? Meiosis makes it possible for a zygote to have the correct number of chromosomes. A student wants to examine the cells produced as a result of meiosis under a microscope.

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