What happens when there are multiple alleles?

Multiple alleles combine in different ways in a population, and produce different phenotypes. These phenotypes are caused by the proteins encoded for by the various alleles. Although each gene encodes for the same type of protein, the different alleles can cause high variability in the functioning of these proteins.

What happens when a gene has more than two alleles?

The majority of human genes are thought to have more than two normal versions or alleles. Traits controlled by a single gene with more than two alleles are called multiple allele traits. An example is ABO blood type.

Multiple Allele Traits.

Genotype Phenotype (blood type)

What is multiple allele with example?

The major example of multiple allelism is ABO blood grouping in humans. Complete answer: Multiple alleles refer to the occurrence of three or more than three alleles for a particular gene. … Allele A codes for antigen A, Allele B codes for antigen B, and Allele O codes for the absence of antigen.

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Why can multiple alleles result?

Why can multiple alleles result in many different phenotypes for a trait? This can happen because the more allele options for a specific gene the more possible combinations and therefore possible phenotypes the organism that has that gene could inherit.

What does multiple allele mean?

Definition of multiple allele

: an allele of a genetic locus having more than two allelic forms within a population.

What are multiple alleles give any two examples of multiple alleles?

Examples of Multiple Alleles

Two human examples of multiple-allele genes are the gene of the ABO blood group system, and the human-leukocyte-associated antigen (HLA) genes.

How do multiple alleles affect phenotype?

In some genes with multiple alleles, when the alleles are together in a genotype they express their influence equally in the phenotype. This is known as incomplete dominance. However, other alleles in the population may not express themselves equally, and are considered recessive.

What are the characteristics of multiple alleles?

Characteristics of Multiple Alleles:

  • The study of multiple alleles may be done in population. …
  • Multiple alleles are situated on homologous chromosomes at the same locus.
  • There is no crossing over between the members of multiple alleles. …
  • Multiple alleles influence one or the same character only.

Which of the following is a good example of multiple allele?

ABO blood group system provides a good example of multiple alleles.

Where are multiple alleles present?

Multiple alleles are present at the same locus as one type of chromosomes. The pairs of genes occupying a specific spot called locus on a chromosome are known as alleles.

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What traits are likely to be controlled by multiple genes?

Polygenic inheritance occurs when one characteristic is controlled by two or more genes. Often the genes are large in quantity but small in effect. Examples of human polygenic inheritance are height, skin color, eye color and weight. Polygenes exist in other organisms, as well.

What are multiple alleles discuss the phenomenon of multiple Allelism using suitable examples?

(a) The inheritance of ABO blood groups in humans exhibits co-dominance and multiple allelism. Multiple allelism-: The ABO blood groups are controlled by the gene I. The I gene has three alleles, namely IA, IB and i. Since more than two alleles control a single trait thus it shows multiple allelism.

How is it possible that there are multiple different alleles in a population and yet any individual can have only two alleles?

How is it possible that there are multiple different alleles in a population and yet any individual can have only two alleles? In the population as a whole, there are many copies of each chromosome, so any gene can have multiple alleles present in the different copies.

What is the difference between multiple alleles and polygenic traits?

In case of multiple alleles, the same DNA strand is involved, whereas polygenic inheritance is found on multiple DNA strands. Multiple alleles involve multiple alternate forms of a gene, while polygenic traits are regulated by a group of non-allelic genes. … Hence, in blood type, there is one gene but three alleles.