Which of these traits is controlled by a gene with multiple alleles quizlet?

Which of these traits is controlled by a gene with multiple alleles?

The best characterized example of multiple alleles in humans is the ABO blood groups, discussed in the Non-Mendelian Inheritance concept. Other human traits determined by multiple alleles would be hair color, hair texture, eye color, built, physical structures, etc.

Which of the following is a trait that is controlled by multiple alleles quizlet?

Human blood type is controlled by a gene with multiple alleles. There are four main blood types: A,B,AB, and O. Three alleles control the inheritance of blood types.

What is a human trait that is controlled by a single gene with multiple alleles?

A trait controlled by one gene but multiple alleles is blood type. There are 4 phenotypes: A, B, AB, O. Types A and B are codominant, and O is recessive to A and B. None are dominant.

Which of the following is controlled by multiple genes?

A trait that is controlled by more than one gene is called polygenic which translates to “multiple genes”. The genes work together to make one trait. Examples are skin, eye and hair color.

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Is controlled by three alleles ABO?

Human blood is controlled by three alleles that create the ABO blood types. A and B are co-dominant, while the third allele, O, is recessive to the other two alleles. Below are a number of parent combinations. For each, indicate whether it could produce the resulting child.

What is controlled by a single gene?

Some characteristics are controlled by a single gene , such as fur colour in mice and red-green colour blindness in humans. Genes might have different forms, and these are called alleles . Chromosomes are found in the nucleus of a body cell in pairs.

What traits are controlled by genes?

Genes (say: jeenz) play an important role in determining physical traits — how we look —and lots of other stuff about us. They carry information that makes you who you are and what you look like: curly or straight hair, long or short legs, even how you might smile or laugh.

How many human traits are controlled by a single gene quizlet?

More than 9000 traits are determined by a single gene.

What traits are controlled through genes?

A polygenic trait is a characteristic, sometimes we call them phenotypes, that are affected by many, many different genes. A classic example of this would be height. Height in humans is very strongly genetically controlled, but there are many, many different genes that control height.

Which is controlled by multiple alleles?

The main particular gene adjusts in three or four allele forms known as multiple alleles. -Example of multiple genes is the genes of ABO blood group system. -The ABO system in humans is controlled by three alleles usually referred to as Ia, Ib and Ic. … While Io is a recessive allele and produces no antigen.

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What are multiple alleles?

Alleles are described as a variant of a gene that exists in two or more forms. Each gene is inherited in two alleles, i.e., one from each parent. Thus, this means there would also be having two different alleles for a trait. … These three or more variants for the same gene are called multiple alleles.

When or more alleles determine a trait the trait is said to have multiple alleles?

Traits controlled by more than two alleles have multiple alleles. Many genes have multiple phenotypic effects, a property called pleiotropy. Epistasis is when a gene at one location (locus) alters the phenotypic expression of a gene at another locus.