Why do male gametes have a tail Class 8?

The tail helps the sperm to swim through the reproductive tract of the female to reach the oviduct. … The male gametes, i.e., sperms are produced within the male reproductive system.

Why do only male gametes have a tail Class 8?

Why do only male gametes have a tail? Because sperm need to be motile to reach the non-motile egg in the ovary of the female.

Why do only male gametes have a tail Brainly?

Because tail help in movement. Egg do not move.

What is a male gamete Class 8?

Male gametes in animals is called sperm. Female gametes in animals is called egg or ovum. A sperm is about 0.05mm long. … A sperm is single cell with all the usual cell components like nucleus, cytoplasm and cell membrane.

Why are there male gametes?

Gametes are haploid cells, and each cell carries only one copy of each chromosome. These reproductive cells are produced through a type of cell division called meiosis. … These cells develop into sperm or ova. The ova mature in the ovaries of females, and the sperm develop in the testes of males.

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What is meant by external Fertilisation?

External fertilization is a mode of reproduction in which a male organism’s sperm fertilizes a female organism’s egg outside of the female’s body. … The release of eggs and sperm into the water is known as spawning.

What is difference between external and internal fertilization?

Complete answer: Internal fertilization is the process when the syngamy (union of male and female gamete) occurs inside the female body after insemination using copulation. In contrast, External fertilization is the syngamy outside the female body, that is in the outer environment especially in water bodies.

Why do fishes and frogs produce enormous number of gametes?

Their mode of fertilization is external. They lay eggs in the water and there is a chance of destruction of these gametes by water current if they are in less quantity. So they lay more and more eggs in order to rule out the possibility of destruction of all eggs.

How can we say that fish exhibits external fertilization?

The reason behind fish exhibits external fertilization. The sperms swim randomly in water and come in contact with eggs. Then the nucleus of the sperm moves into the egg and fuses with it. And it occurs outside the body that is why we can say fish exhibit external fertilization.

What are gametes for Class 8?

Also referred to as sex cells, gametes are reproductive cells of an entity. These are haploid cells wherein each of it carries one copy of chromosome. Male gametes are known as sperms while female gametes are known as ova or eggs.

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What purpose does the tail in a sperm serve?

Since the sperm needs to travel inside the female reproductive system and enter the egg, it has a tail. Tail helps the sperm to move forward (like a snake) instead of moving in circles. There are other parts of the sperm, like head, neck, middle part and tail.

What is sperm ovum Class 8?

Sperm and ovum are the gametes produced by vertebrates. More specifically, sperm is the male gamete while the ovum is the female gamete.

What are the male gametes in plants?

The male gametes of angiosperms consist of two sperm cells within a pollen grain or a pollen tube. They are derived from a single generative cell, which is formed as the smaller cell by unequal cell division in the microspore after meiosis.

What is the male gamete or sperm?

In short a gamete is an egg cell (female gamete) or a sperm (male gamete). In animals, ova mature in the ovaries of females and sperm develop in the testes of males. During fertilization, a spermatozoon and ovum unite to form a new diploid organism.

Where are the male gametes?

The testes are the site of gamete production in males. The male gamete is called sperm. It is produced in the seminiferous tubules and testosterone is produced in the interstitial cells.