You asked: What is the probability of a smooth phenotype?

What is the probability of a homozygous recessive offspring?

If two heterozygotes are crossed, the probability that an offspring will be homozygous recessive is 25% or 0.25.

What is the probability of an f2 offspring having the green pod color and smooth pod?

It means that the probability of an offspring that exhibits both dominant traits (green pod and smooth pod shape) is 9/16.

What is the probability of a heterozygous?

The chance of either parent being a heterozygote is 1/4, as calculated above. Then, the probability that both parents are heterozygotes, and the probability that two heterozygotes will have a heterozygous child, is 1/4 x 1/4 x 1/2 = 1/32.

What is the probability of homozygous recessive rr?

About one-fourth will be homozygous dominant for round seed shape (RR), half will be heterozygous for round seed shape (Rr), and one-fourth will have the homozygous recessive wrinkled seed shape (rr).

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How do you calculate phenotype probability?

Count the total number of boxes in your Punnett Square. This gives you the total number of predicted offspring. Divide the (number of occurrences of the phenotype) by (the total number of offspring). Multiply the number from step 4 by 100 to get your percent.

What is probability of heterozygous offspring?

The Punnett square below makes it clear that at each birth, there will be a 25% chance of you having a normal homozygous (AA) child, a 50% chance of a healthy heterozygous (Aa) carrier child like you and your mate, and a 25% chance of a homozygous recessive (aa) child who probably will eventually die from this …

What is the probability of having a green offspring?

Probability. In the F2 generation, only 1 of the 4 boxes produced green peas. In other words, 25% of the offspring had green peas. This number tells you the probability, or likelihood, that an offspring will produce green or yellow peas.

What is the probability of the offspring with green pods?

Therefore, in a cross between one parent who is heterozygous for the dominant green trait and one who is homozygous for the recessive yellow trait, the probability that the offspring will have a green pod is 50 percent.

What is the probability of an F2 offspring being homozygous dominant in a Monohybrid cross?

Monohybrid Cross: F2 generation

The F2 generation would have genotypes of (GG, Gg, and gg) and a genotypic ratio of 1:2:1. One-fourth of the F2 generation would be homozygous dominant (GG), one-half would be heterozygous (Gg), and one-fourth would be homozygous recessive (gg).

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How do you find probability in genetics?

One probability rule that’s very useful in genetics is the product rule, which states that the probability of two (or more) independent events occurring together can be calculated by multiplying the individual probabilities of the events.

What is probability How does probability relate to genetics?

Probability is a method used to predict the likelihoods of uncertain outcomes. It is important for the field of genetics because it is used to reveal traits that are hidden in the genome by dominant alleles.

What is phenotype of RR?

The result in the heterozygous genotype (Rr) is a phenotype that is a mixture of red and white, or pink.

What is the phenotype of a person whose genotype is RR?

A person with the Rr genotype for tongue rolling would be able to roll his or her tongue, because he or she has the dominant allele that allows tongue rolling. So “tongue rolling” is his or her phenotype.